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URL:  http://and-dreams-to-be-shattered.tumblr.com/ 
Name: Morgan Summers
Age: 17
Major categories: Anxiety Disorders, Mood Disorders, Personality Disorders, General well being, general mental health.
sub-categories: Depression, OCD, Passive Agressuve Behavior,and something else. I don’t know what the other thing is, but I have reason to believe I have a very, very bad personality disorder that’s growing stronger by each day,
Does your blog contain triggering content? No.

Anything else: I don’t really know what’s wrong with me—I mean I do, but shouldn’t it be better than this? I haven’t cried out for help like this before and the only person who would listen to me left me, sick of my negativity. I don’t want people to follow me, I just want people to understand what’s wrong. I just need to let it out, and I never get that with this blog. I just need HELP. I can’t afford any fancy doctors or drugs.

If anyone seriously cares, I recommend going to the first page I made on this blog. It explains, well, my life story. I need someone to tell me what’s wrong with me, and what I need to do. But most importantly, I need somebody who’s going to hear me out.

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URL: http://diet-coke-and-a-suicide-note.tumblr.com/
name: Aylin
age: 21
major categories: Eating Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Personality Disorders, Self Harm.
sub-categories: anorexia/EDnos, social anxiety, panic disorder, depression, borderline personality disorder, anti-social personality disorder, self cutting & hitting
does your blog contain triggering content?  Yes.
anything else: I’m always here for anyone who wants to talk, or needs advice. I personally care for others more than myself, and am willing to help anyone in need.

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#eating disorders #anxiety disorders #personality disorders #self harm #submission
shared and solved

url: http://sharedandsolved.tumblr.com/

name: Dulcie

age: N/A

major categories: self harm,mood disorders,general well being,anxiety disorders, advice blog.

sub-categories: depression,self-cutting and along those lines.

does your blog contain triggering content? no,however,the questions asked can be.

anything else: my page is to try to raise awareness for Self Harm and forms of depression, to give out advice, and to listen to people when they feel they need to speak about their troubles. i am comfortable giving advice on other subjects,too. My advice will be based on what I’ve been given by my councilors,however,i am not a psychiatrist myself so i do advise people who need professional help to see a doctor. i’d also appreciate people submitting recovery stories or advice/helpful tips. i am not responsible, direct or indirect, for any resulting actions from my advice/opinions.

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#self harm #mood disorders #general well being #anxiety disorders #advice blogs #submission

i apologise for abandoning this blog for such a long time, but i don’t plan on leaving again. time to get updating! :)

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URL: http://am0ur.tumblr.com/

name: Pia 

age: 17

major categories: mood disorders, psychotic disorders, eating disorders, self harm, general mental health

sub-categories: bulimia nervosa, dissociation

does your blog contain triggering content? Yes, at times. 

anything else: I’m here for anyone, anywhere, anytime :) 

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#mood disorders #psychotic disorders #eating disorders #self harm #general mental health #submission
untitled-27: do you get notified if your blogs been submitted?

they’ll just go up as i have the time to do it. all blogs will be submitted unless they have inappropriate content.

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age: 16

major categories:Mood disorders, eating disorders, self harm, general well being

sub-categories:Depression, anorexia, bulimia, self cutting, self-esteem

does your blog contain triggering content? Yes.

anything else: Just remember, you are beautiful.

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#mood disorders #eating disorders #self harm #general well being #submission


name: Macarena

age: 17

major categories: eating disorders, anxiety disorders

sub-categories: Bulimia Nervosa, ED-NOS, social anxiety, mild OCD

does your blog contain triggering content? I like to think the answer to this is no, but I don’t want to put anybody in danger. I don’t mean to post anything triggering, though :).

anything else: uh… I speak fluent Spanish, if that helps anyone :).

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#eating disorders #anxiety disorders #submission

URL: eternityandalways.tumblr.com

Name: Chanel

Age: 14

Major categories: Mood disorders, self harm, anxiety disorders. 

Sub-categories: N/A. 

Does your blog contain triggering content? No. 

Anything else: I’m always open to give advice, I love to help. Feel free to message<3.

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#mood disorders #anxiety disorders #self harm #submission


name: Lulu

age: 18

major categories: Eating disorders, self-harm.

sub-categories: None.

does your blog contain triggering content? Yes.

anything else: I mainly post pictures, but I do post little messages from time to time. I also offer advice <3

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#eating disorders #self harm #submission
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